Sunday the 6th of March was a day of community cooking fun for the lucky participants of the West End State School jam-making workshop.

Twenty-five students and parents of West End State School took part in the cooking event, with CJ’s Pasta giving up their kitchen for free in support of the workshop. It was a great day of relaxed cooking, with students and parents alike learning a thing or two about the art of jam and chutney making.

Chef and TV host Ben O’Donoghue from Billy Kart also made an appearance, volunteering his time to teach at the event and making the day a truly memorable experience for all involved!

This fantastic day of handcrafted jams and chutney has kicked off preparations for West End State School’s annual school Fiesta, which marks a celebration of the school’s cultural diversity. Last year, the Fiesta was a step above your average school fete, featuring market stalls, vintage delights, carnival rides, a petting zoo and live music! Stay tuned for more information on this year’s Fiesta, which is sure to be a great day out for the entire family.

Words by Ella Tait