From physiotherapy, pilates and yoga studio, to online health & fitness programs – overcoming pain is made a reality by strengthening, improving flexibility and changing posture.

Physiotherapist, pilates and fitness instructor, and yoga therapist Emma Najman has taken her successful West End studio business to an online model to serve a wider community, solving their specific problems with programs designed to achieve their goals. Emma’s instructional exercise videos are delivered to an app on clients’ phones, providing portable use in the gym, outside, or at home.

You no longer need to attend physiotherapy appointments face to face, instead receiving results from remote guidance. During the Covid-19 lockdown earlier this year when clients were needing a different service delivery from in-person consultations and classes, Emma worked out a method of mimicking her previous business model as closely as possible with online delivery.

This model works to achieve many health and fitness goals, however, she is focusing on correction of postural kyphosis, (upper back postural changes), which create pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, due to affecting joint biomechanics and muscle balance.

This problem is affecting more and more people due to increased technology use from a young age and with increased numbers of people working from home with a less than ideal desk set up and the ‘blurring’ of work and leisure time, creating longer periods of using technology than ever before. Emma has personally worked for many years on her own posture, recovering from chronic back and neck pain in her early career.

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