Local property developer Stockwell is contracting a project arborist to help protect some of West End’s iconic 100 year old trees. The arborist was commissioned as Stockwell redevelops the site of the old ABC studios on Ferry Road into a series of luxury apartments.

Peter Mumford, the owner of Arbor Operations in Brisbane, has been involved in the Queensland agriculture, horticulture and arboriculture industries for more than forty years.

He has been entrusted with the task of employing cutting-edge technology to protect the magnificent century-old trees in West End, one of Brisbane’s most happening hubs.

“In order to keep these beloved old trees healthy during the development phase, we’ve installed high-tech watering systems as part of a deep watering regime that monitors the exact amount of water these trees will need in order to sustain their health,” said Peter.

“The watering program creates a more favourable growing environment for the trees and optimises their root development.”

“It’s a great example of old meeting new. It’s also fantastic to see developers embracing this new technology.”

The Arbor Operations teams will be using some of the latest gadgetry to ensure the old trees remain protected and healthy during the re-development phase.

This includes a high-tech irrigation systems in which use a number of mathematical parameters to measure, monitor and log moisture levels deep under the ground, where the root structures of the trees are located.

The trees, which are listed by Brisbane City Council as Significant Landscape Trees, include bunya and hoop pines that are protected under the Natural Assets Local Law 2003.

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