Look at the DKNY advertisement in the Myer Centre window, watch the DKNY Cara Delevingne video online and then check out the manager of the Beach Burrito Company. Look familiar? Yep, they are all one at the same person, Zee Sparkes.

Zee is hotter ‘n hot. She won a competition and was one of the six people in the world chosen to spearhead the new DKNY line.  She was flown to America, photographed and filmed.  And she heads off to London soon.  She is one busy lady.  And it’s easy to see why – she is energetic – passionate about vegan food, music and her career.  She is a self-proclaimed “stoner witch” and cant wait for Queensland to “legalise weed”.


Zee is a great story. Born in 1770, she proudly proclaims her small-town Aussie heritage. She is equally proud of her convict relatives – Chopper Read was her uncle. Her blog has nearly 40,000 followers.  Yep, her journalism training has not been a waste of time.  She is media savvy and knows what she offers is a fresh perspective. Photographic, exciting, West End advocate (she won’t move to Melbourne) and (cliche alert) all round nice Aussie person.


So night after you’ve seen her interview on Channel 9 (Thursday night)- rush down to the Beach Burrito Company and have this pocket-rocket serve you with warmth.  Wish her all the best because chances are she might be tempted to go to the States for the right opportunity.

She won’t forget West End though, she promised she would keep The West End Magazine readers up to date with her adventures overseas.  Maybe we can persuade her to write a few lines while she’s in London next month?

Words by Toni Johnson-Woods