While there is an abundance of coffee shops in and around West End, each has put down their own stamp on things, from the décor to the coffee beans, milk and food. Making a bold statement for itself, the West End Coffee House through namesake, has made it sound the place to be for coffee in West End. And it doesn’t disappoint.

The West End Coffee House lies just off the Vulture/Boundary Street crossing, sitting amongst the other neighbouring shops, bright and inviting. This rather trendy place is simple in design; with white washed walls, bright audacious artwork, and an eclectic collection of re-used tables and chairs, it resides naturally within West End’s character and feel. Having been open for a couple of years, it has established itself well in the area, which is easy to see why.


A hive of activity on this scorching hot summer day; throngs of people meander through, either sitting in or grabbing a coffee on the go, keeping barista Jang Teerapon on her dainty toes. “I love to make coffees,” Jang tells excitedly, as she busies herself with yet another coffee order. “I like to make patterns and make people smile.” This simple yet affectionate outlook carries through well, delivering fantastic coffees.

On top of the typical list of coffees, the West End Coffee House offers a few more specialised offerings too, including cold-drip and iced options. As it was a very hot day, I opted for an iced latte; a fantastically cool way of getting my caffeine hit. Made from Campos’ Superior Blend, it delivers a deep rich flavour, that together with a splash of Maleny milk over ice, goes down really well. Really, really well.


There are also a couple of tantalising food options available, including the usual breakfast list, featuring Bircher muesli, toast with condiments, and cooked breakfast. Perhaps a little more surprising is their lunchtime menu of Thai foods. Thai and coffee? Who would have thought it would make such a good combination? Find out for yourself if you don’t believe me. The West End Coffee House is open Monday to Saturday (Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 4:30; Sat 7:00AM – 4:30).