In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, West Village has teamed up with Creative Kids Brisbane to provide an online platform where our younger generation can put their minds to work from the safety of their homes.

The website provides step by step guides on how to complete activities, with new tasks and activities being uploaded each day – seven days a week! This will include videos and step-by-step workshops to keep little ones entertained at home. It is vital to keep our youth occupied and educated, and this application will provide the opportunity to tick both. Creative Kids West End hopes to open up soon, however in the meantime the online programs are sufficient to keep young minds creative.

Creative Kids Brisbane’s West End art studio is located in the luscious, leafy, green laneway at West Village in the heart of West End, Brisbane. Wander up the laneway from Boundary street, and you’ll find their outdoor kid’s art space underneath a shady tree. Their activities are suitable for children of all ages, with any age welcome to have a go. The activities are very free flowing, so children are encouraged to create something completely different to that days creation. Including a passionate team that loves to see the imaginative pieces children come up with.

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