I’ve never been to a psychic before, but part of me has always been curious. I must admit that when I imagine visiting a psychic my mind immediately goes to a place with a woman in a dark blue velvet cloak, a room putrid with the smell of incense, patchouli, and cat urine, and crystal balls and candles on every available surface. That is, I imagined those things until I visited Julianna Suranyi (who has just joined westendmagazine.com as our psychic!) for a reading.

I was sure that I was in the wrong place when an elegant woman with cropped black hair, red lipstick, a short black dress, and wedge shoes answered the door. Surely this couldn’t be the mystical Julianna who was about to tell me what the future had in store for me? I left all my preconceived ideas about psychics at the door as I followed Julianna up the stairs to the room in which she was going to do my reading. The room was bright, had a large white leather couch, a television, and not one crystal ball in sight. Later on Julianna told me that she was once described as the Prada of psychics and I can definitely agree with that statement. She says that the comment was meant sarcastically but she turned around and said ‘I’ll take that, thanks. Because that’s actually what my shoes are.’

Julianna began by saying ‘don’t ask me anything that you don’t want to know’. I asked her later why she begins her readings with this statement and she said ‘if you ask me something I’ll go there, because you’ve asked me.’ I’m a big believer in surprises and letting things take their course and so this statement scared me a little. I wasn’t sure how to proceed; I didn’t have any pre-prepared questions and I wasn’t interested in talking to dead relatives or friends. I began by asking her about my career. She told me I need to narrow down the field in which I want to work, instead of trying half heartedly to pursue a few of my interests. She stressed that if I don’t make a decision and get things moving that I will be in the exact same position this time next year.

We spoke for a while about my career and then I asked whether I would be travelling/living overseas in the next few years. She told me that I would move away from Brisbane at the end of 2015. She told me that I’d be moving to Melbourne; she knew it wouldn’t be Sydney. This didn’t surprise me because I have always preferred Melbourne to Sydney as a place to live and work. I couldn’t help but be curious to know where I would be with husband, kids, and career further along in the future. Julianna said that she could see me married to a photographer who was European (she thought maybe Spanish), with dark hair (almost black). I wondered how I would break this news to my American/Australian boyfriend who has light brown hair (maybe I’ll send him a postcard from Spain). She also said that I would be travelling a lot in my life and I would have kids later than I would have liked (due to career ambitions).

Julianna talked to me with an ease and familiarity that made the experience enjoyable. She drew on her own life experiences and those of friends and other clients to explain what she was seeing in my future. Afterwards we talked about the stereotypes surrounding her profession and she highlighted the need for people to be careful when they go to someone for a reading. She said, ‘have a good look at the environment that they are in. A quality reader is someone who has their shit together, they have a life that’s together, they know what they are doing they know how they are doing it. They are doing it from an environment that is safe, it’s clean, it’s transparent.’

During the days following my reading I’ve caught myself thinking about some of the things that she told me, and wondering whether or not they are likely to come true. I’ve always believed that a person’s life is not preordained. The idea that we are not part of a master plan is not an idea that goes hand in hand with the ability to have your future told. The reading does feel as if it has alleviated some sense of doubt and worry in my mind. As a young person I worry about my future and whether I will be successful in my career, find a loving partner, or one day have children. The reading has eased my mind of some of these worries. I’ve decided that I only need to worry about the here and now and look forward to one day jetting off somewhere with my hot Spanish husband. I’ll let you know how some of her predictions pan out, or maybe I’ll send you a postcard.



Psychic Julianna has just joined The West End Magazine as our resident psychic! She’ll be answering several questions each week for our readers. Send in a question via our Contact Form for Julianna to answer next week in a new Q&A section online!

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Photos by Georgia Lejeune