I had been hearing a lot about the new Cobbler Bar which has just opened up off Boundary Street, and thought I definitely had to pay this place a visit and find out why it was as unique as everyone says. As soon as you walk in, you can see why it has generated a lot of hype. The interior is really beautifully designed and has an atmospheric, New York loft-esq kind of feel. It definitely looked very different to anywhere I had been before; it is a mixture of clean cut and modern polished wooden floors and high ceilings mixed with an eclectic collection of vintage arm chairs.

Cobbler has found a new niche as a whiskey and tequila lounge, definitely not something you see in Brisbane everyday. The front bar with its slide along ladder to reach the high shelves, reminded me of the library in Harry Potter – except instead of holding spell books, these shelves are stocked high with bottles of spirits, mainly just about every kind of whiskey and tequila you can imagine. The beverage menu has a creative range of cocktails based primarily on these spirits, and the range is such that whether you’re a fan or not, there are drinks anybody can enjoy.

The drinks list is broken into tiki, old-fashioned and classic. As you’ve probably realised, I am not the most adventurous drinker and would be more than content to order a vodka, lime and soda at any establishment regardless of its specialty. However, when in Rome, order a Swordsmith! This drink (so far, Cobbler’s most famous), which was made with Sailor Jerry spiced rum, lime juice and spiced honey syrup, was delicious and fruity and hardly tasted like rum at all! Cobbler Bar, you will make a dark spirit drinker out of me yet! However, if you simply can’t break out of the box, but still want to enjoy the great atmosphere, they have a decent range of beer, wine and some other spirits as well.

Cobbler doesn’t provide meals but I later found they have a BYO food policy, so you can take your pick of food from restaurants mere metres away and bring them in to enjoy your drink. I personally think this is a great idea and applaud their bold move in this direction, and hope it will encourage other places to do the same!

Margaux Creagh


Top photo by Dylan Evans Photography via Cobbler Bar Facebook Page