It was a brisk early morning start for the local marketers and myself on Saturday for the Winter Design Markets held at GOMA. We didn’t let the early frost bring us down because the sunny day was perfect for the hub of local treasures that were to be found.

On entering the markets you knew you were in for some local handmade delights. I arrived early to see all the locals setting up for the day and each stall had something different to offer, their own unique style or twist on the classics such as jewellery, vintage fashion and homewares. It’s not your average market, it’s much smaller and there is less of everything but what is on offer shows a lot more passion in the designs so I found myself more excited by this market as there wasn’t a stall you didn’t want to stop at and explore what they had on offer.

The gentle pastel stall of Louise Lindgren of loose leaf.paper was filled with handmade jewellery and artistic stationary. I managed to get a few minutes of her time to talk about her brand. “loose leaf.paper was a desire to get back into working with my hands again, I’m a graphic designer by trade and I just decided to do something a bit different.


“I guess the main ethos of loose leaf.paper is just to make eco friendly designs and not put another thing on the market but really think about what materials you’re using, no waste, and being really conscious of that but bringing artists designs out as well.”

You’ll find Lousie’s stationary designs portray soft traditional hues with a modern twist. I particularly fancied her botanicals journal wrap. They’re very delicate and something sweet.

By the time I left, the day was getting warm and the people were starting to explore the market. I hope you 4101ers enjoyed the array of trinkets and bits and bobs as much as I did.

Until next week!