I’m sure it’s no surprise to you, that as a young woman, I may participate (very willingly, in fact), in an ongoing love affair with one very special variety of inanimate object: shoes.

This is a love that has no bounds, that doesn’t discriminate! This is a love shared by women of all ages, worldwide.

And secondly, but not necessarily, secondarily, it may also come as no surprise to you that in a complimentary vein, I do also very much enjoy a nice drop of vino from time to time.

So when my lovely Dad (proving just how well he knows me) sent me a link telling me he had found the perfect event for me to attend, Women, Wine and Shoes, I began running a mental list of possible shoe options to accompany me on the night in my head straight away …

And then I find myself at Rydges South Bank on a beautiful Autumn evening. My date for tonight is fellow Canberra girl and now Brisbane-convert, Megan, who is equally delighted at the theme of this evening’s fun.

Tonight’s 4101 event is hosted by The Fabulous Wine Society – a society that focuses on the wonderful women in the wine industry. “The aim of the Fabulous Wine Society is to create events that are fun, that passionately celebrate the feminine and wherever possible, allow us to shine the spotlight on the amazing women in the wine industry – we think it’s long overdue,” Jane Thompson tells us.

Tonight we are invited to sample a wide variety of wine from around the country as well as shop at the pop-up stores of Spencer Lacy and Nat Sui shoes.

The room full of women I find myself among are dressed to the nines and Megan and I are hard at ‘work’ surveying the shoe choices – what a stylish bunch of Brisbane women!

Megan and I become quickly ensconced in the wine tasting and the shoe browsing soon follows – what a dangerous yet entirely genius idea! Before we know it, we’re engulfed in laughter and excited squeals and chatter from those around us and we settle- in ourselves.

At 8pm, it’s time for the Spencer Lacy fashion parade – the Melbourne label show us its Autumn/Winter collection and there is nothing but oohs and aahhhs and appreciation (and desire) from the women around me. I want to buy more than one piece that is for sure: it is the kind of collection that any woman can wear and look beautiful in. I suggest you jump online and take a peak (between you and me, I have already made a very lovely purchase myself).

Megan and I taste a number of wines tonight – Pinot Grigio, Vermentino, Rose and Shiraz from winemakers: Brown Brothers, Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards, Quealy, Monument Vineyard, Fowles Wine, Spring Seed Wine Company, Holm Oak Vineyards, Anderson Winery and Summit Wines – and I am very glad to see so many women involved in the wine industry, something I hadn’t been aware of so much before tonight.

Women, Wine and Shoes is a real celebration – of women, of women in the wine industry and encouraged a philosophy I think is very important: life isn’t meant to be so serious, but shoes… shoes should be appreciated for what they are: seriously lovely!

You can find out more about The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society at fabulousladieswinesociety.com and check out the latest collections from Nat Sui and Spencer Lacy here: www.spencerlacy.com and www.nat-sui.com.au