Charity organisation World Youth International has partnered with Kenshi Candles as a way to encourage others to embrace the gift of giving back this Christmas, to further support its sustainable development projects within vulnerable communities.

Having high quality items to give to friends, family and colleagues in the lead up to Christmas is a perfect way to ‘give back’ as well as encourage others to also do the same during the festive season. By purchasing a Kenshi candle, you will be donating to a charity and giving World Youth International opportunities to improve access to education and healthcare over in Kenya and Nepal.

Terry Hoey, General Manager, World Youth International said, “We hope that by promoting our vision to educate, empower and inspire positive change within the global community through our partnership campaign with Kenshi will encourage people to further understand our charity’s impact, and why it’s so important to reconsider their gift options this Christmas.

“Our campaign will involve promoting the Kenshi story, as Kenshi was founded by an inspirational 14-year-old from Melbourne whose courageous social enterprise is not only providing fundraising opportunities for charities, buts it’s also creating much-needed employment opportunities for a refugee community in his very own city. This is the type of millennial philanthropy we applaud, and we need to do what we can to support these innovative initiatives.”

“While this is so important, nothing can replace a quality product. This means never sacrificing quality, which is why Kenshi candles are individually hand-poured in Melbourne and contain the highest grade natural soy wax, essential oils, and cotton wicks.”

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