Carlo Tonini is racing to raise money and awareness for cancer in his attempt to enter The Seven Continents Marathon Club and the Marathon Grand Slam Club. He hopes to reach $250,000 for Cure Cancer Australia with help from his newest initiative, the World’s Biggest Dinner.

Carlo’s journey started back in 2010 over a few beers when a close friend commented that Carlo could never run a marathon. Encouraged by the challenge, he resolved to run in the 2010 Gold Coast Airport Marathon. He completed the run in just over four hours and from then on, decided to dedicate himself to marathons. His next conquest was the New York Marathon.

Soon after, he came across the The Seven Continents Marathon Club and The Marathon Grand Slam Club.

To enter this group, you must complete a recognised marathon on each continent. The Grand Slam Club requires running a marathon in the Arctic.

With this bucket list, Carlo wondered how he might help others in his journey. So along with his physical goal, he also set out to raise money for cancer research. He is currently promoting his new World’s Biggest Dinner initiative to get family and friends together to help fight cancer.

The World’s Biggest Dinner aims to have as many people from as many different countries possible host a dinner event on the night of 4 November, and donate to Cure Cancer Australia what they would have spent on dinner.

If the date doesn’t suit, participants wishing to host can register an event for any date before the 4.

Carlo has already run marathons in Australia, the USA, Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. Next, he will be tackling the Ice Marathon in Antarctica on 24 November. With that race under his belt, Carlo will be set to join The Seven Continents Marathon club and will only have to complete the North Pole Marathon to qualify for the Marathon Grand Slam Club.

He is determined to meet his running goals, but even more than the marathons, he hopes to realise his goals in funding the cure for cancer. You can help Carlo by signing up to host a World’s Biggest Dinner event, or looking out for events you can attend in your area.

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