This week I found myself venturing down an unexpected path, into my future – or possible future anyway – where I’ll be met by animals, bearded men, athletic figures and survive a shockwave.

Scary and exciting; this was all revealed before me not through a crystal ball or set of tarot cards, but via the remnants of coffee left in my cup.

All of this mystery got unfolded to me at the Mega Coffee House, a new addition to the food wholesaler Mega Continental, having just opened last Thursday. The coffee shop comes as part of the recent deli expansion which occurred at the beginning of this month. Friendly and inviting, I was whisked away by the Greek hospitality offered by the friends of Mega Continental’s owners – Steve Constantinou and Gina He – who lend a helping hand in the running of the coffee shop.

Spiro Armenis, a long-time friend of Steve’s who now enjoys a more relaxing life having spent years behind the counter at a number of coffee and ice cream shops around Brisbane, enjoys helping out whenever he can. “I’ve been in coffee shops all my life,” Spiro explained. With years and years of experience, he set about making me a macchiato from the house blend – Brasilia Italian. “It’s not too strong, not too light,” Spiro told me, which is exactly what it was like – a good, rich espresso.

Following on from that, I delved into the superstitious Greek tradition of coffee reading with another of Steve’s friends, Bill Karageorgiou, who, having lost his father at a very young age, was raised by his mother where he picked up the method behind these readings. “I first came across the reading of the cup very early,” Bill explained. “Traditionally done by the women during social occasions, it was mostly a social, breaking the ice routine.” Performing his first reading back in 1989, Bill has continued to do so, and is now offering readings at the Mega Coffee House.

To find out more about this tradition, I volunteered my own cup, giving Bill the means to peer into my own future. Following our strong, thick Greek coffee, Bill tipped out the mud-like residual at the bottom of the cup, leaving swirls and random patterns on the cup wall. From this, he stared intently, going cross-eyed to form two images. Between these two images is where the window into my alleged future lies – made up of visions, images and symbols. Within the next couple of months, I was told I am meant to come across an injured animal, caged birds, a bearded man and athletic figure who will have some personal significance, survive a shockwave of some sort and to beware of hanging fruit. So with that, I will be on the look out for any resemblances to this enlightenment. It is now up to time to tell.

Keagan Elder