Seeking a remedy for stress and the opportunity to reset herself, Marilyn Kleemann ventured into the outback on a journey of physical, mental, and emotional healing. Eight months on, she shares what she discovered. 

Many people are searching for a reason for their existence. There is a thought that they must be here for a specific purpose and once they discover that purpose, life will have meaning. The belief of figuring it out will finally bring happiness, joy and fulfilment. For some, their purpose has been with them from a young age but for the majority, there’s been a void so they search and dabble to find meaning to life. What if each of us has a very simplistic purpose? What if it’s not a sudden, exciting lightbulb moment? What if you are already living your purpose but you are not aware of it because the majority of your thoughts, words and actions are focused upon the unwanted aspects of your life?

I used to be like that. I searched for the one thing I thought would bring meaning and fulfilment; that one thing I could happily do for the rest of my life. But in my search for purpose and meaning, I still had to live my life, and as I searched, life was passing me by. I’m not entirely sure of my specific purpose but I have come to the conclusion that perhaps it is the simplicity of no longer being afraid to share my life experiences. With that acceptance and confidence, I can assist numerous people in ways I’m not even aware of, simply by sharing and speaking about my life. Sharing makes me vulnerable but it also makes me powerful and relatable. And perhaps this is my purpose, for now.

We could have numerous purposes in life, depending on what phase of life we are currently living. Consider what you are in love with in this phase of life. For example, I have just moved into a new home. I have spring cleaned, thoughtfully place the furniture, displayed my beautiful trinkets and books. I have burnt incense to clear the energy of previous occupants, and to create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. I am so in love with this beautiful space I have created. My purpose for doing this, is to create an environment where I love to indulge in my passion for writing.

If you are seeking purpose and meaning in your life, do not look too far into the distance. It could be right under your nose but your eyes are not focused enough to see it. Keep it simple. Passion and purpose are not complicated.

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